Saturday, 31 May 2014

Beautiful Sydney!

Vivid Sydney is a festival of "Lights, Music and Ideas", running from 23rd of May till 9th of June this year.

It's a beautiful yearly event and really worth checking out - even in the cold winter weather!!


Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Graduate Lifecycle

Not really specific to graduates, but the experience is more prominent among them...

My advice:
There is no such thing as "greener grass on the other side".
The entire field is just brown.
But if you plant enough seeds, maybe you'll come back to find that patch of grass out there one day.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Opal Card Experience

Those in Sydney using the Opal card can probably feel some empathy to this situation.  It really astounds me how after all these years, we've finally implemented a contactless ticketing system and yet even though technology has progressed so much, our "smartcard" is oh so smart, but

Okay, maybe I am being a bit picky here (it is only a 2-second delay after all), but really, take Hong Kong for example - the Octopus card is really one of the most impressive I've come across.  Not only can you use it on public transport, but you can also buy groceries with it, plus a whole lot more!  We still have a lot to learn Australia...


P.S.  I am mostly annoyed by the delay because I keep stupidly running myself into the gate before the *beep* arrives. (But that's just me...).

Let's also not forget:  with a round trip to work everyday, that's 4 taps a day...meaning:

4 taps a day
x 2 seconds delay per every tap
x 220 working days in a year (approximate, if you exclude weekends, public holidays, annual leave, etc)
x 40 years (roughly, assuming someone starts work at 25 and needs to travel to work until age 65)
= 70,400 seconds
= 19.555 hours of your life spent on waiting for your Opal card to think! (And running yourself into gates...)

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Depending on which country you live in, Mother's Day is celebrated at different times in the year.

In Australia and most other countries, it is usually the second Sunday of May.

Father's Day on the other hand, is celebrated on the first Sunday of September in Australia, which is different to most of the other countries typically celebrating it in June.

But no matter which day, we should always be thankful to our parents.  If they're able to show us love everyday, then we shouldn't need a marketed occasion to show them how much we love them too. :)


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Free Comic Book Day!

Actually, the bunnies do have real names. I even wrote up a character intro.  But I don't feels too soon to label them publicly.  Personality and story is more important.  Besides, the bunnies typically look the same anyway, so the only way to tell them apart will be from their actions and emotions. :)

Back on topic, there's lots happening in Sydney for Free Comic Book Day!

For more information, please head over to:


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