Saturday 17 May 2014

The Opal Card Experience

Those in Sydney using the Opal card can probably feel some empathy to this situation.  It really astounds me how after all these years, we've finally implemented a contactless ticketing system and yet even though technology has progressed so much, our "smartcard" is oh so smart, but

Okay, maybe I am being a bit picky here (it is only a 2-second delay after all), but really, take Hong Kong for example - the Octopus card is really one of the most impressive I've come across.  Not only can you use it on public transport, but you can also buy groceries with it, plus a whole lot more!  We still have a lot to learn Australia...



  1. Good grief, this sounds like the Myki system in Melbourne...why they can't use Pasmo like in Japan which is flawless is beyond me :(

  2. I know right! So many countries to learn from and to leverage off their technology. Makes me miss places like Japan even more... :(

  3. EVERY time I use the opal card, I now notice that it takes just a bit longer than it needs to to register!


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