Wednesday 29 October 2014

mtbunnies Manager Chart

Special comic this week due to no comic being delivered last week.

I think I've had my fair share of managers over the years...but thankfully, there have been some happy endings.
And I do appreciate them all playing a part in my career at some point in the past. :)

Makes you wonder: What kind of manager would you be and who do your people see you as?

P.S. The "chicken and the pig" mentioned in the comic is a metaphor for commitment to a project.

A project is seen as a plate of bacon and eggs where both the chicken and the pig are required.
However, the chicken just contributes (the eggs), where as the pig is actually committed (sacrificing himself as the bacon).


While I was drawing my comic about sleeping styles a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that if I didn't add any colour to it, the last frame would've ended up like this...



  1. I feel like I recognise some of your past managers Mags! ;)

  2. Lol you know it Shelle! ;)


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