Thursday 29 October 2015

The Property Market Update

With the big four banks in Australia increasing interest rates, is the Australian property craze finally cooling down?

From what I can see, there are more properties on the market and fewer of them are up for auction. Some of them are actually selling for decent prices and there are fewer people at inspections too. Maybe I can finally afford something soon!


Thursday 22 October 2015

Project management: meeting deadlines

Project management is hard.

Disclaimer:  This comic is not a true story. (But it may feel like it sometimes.)


Thursday 15 October 2015


I loooove my watermelon.  But our family is too small to buy a whole one...we can never finish it. :(

Sometimes when I see them at the store, I feel like throwing one on the ground and cracking it open.

I'm not really sure why I have that temptation..........


Thursday 8 October 2015

Mental Health Week

This is a tribute to Mental Health Week.

I'm quite glad that more awareness is raised for mental health issues these days - they can be serious, but hard to detect.  People who have them don't necessarily talk about it. When they do, sometimes they might be seeking advice from people who think they're helping, but are actually making them feel worse.

Mental Health Week is all about understanding mental health and ensuring people are seeking the right help from the right places.


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