Tuesday 23 December 2014

mtbunnies animated Christmas special

mtbunnies presents to you...
After 36 painstaking hours...
The first ever mtbunnies animated special!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!!!

Best wishes,

Wednesday 17 December 2014

All I want for Christmas is...the truth?

Sigh. This new generation of kids are really smart.  I'm getting old...


Wednesday 10 December 2014

Good advice can be awkward too...

...And no, unfortunately I didn't end up going to that event.  But hey, I can always save that excuse for next time.  ;)

Special thanks to: JY for the advice.


Thursday 4 December 2014

Honesty vs Integrity vs Who The Hell Cares Anyway

Well, the checkout lady forgot to charge me for it because she was actually too busy talking to another lady.


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