Saturday, 26 March 2016

mtbunnies © 100th SPECIAL!!!

It's really hard to believe that 100 comics later and mtbunnies is still going on.  Honestly this was just meant to be a pilot and I really didn't think it would last this long!

Thanks so much to you, the readers, for all your support, and also thanks to those who just happened to pass by.


To celebrate the 100th special, here's a Q&A session with the author:

Q:  Do you have a favourite mtbunnies comic?
A:  I have quite a few favourites.  Usually the cosplay ones because they take so long to draw and are very detailed, so they are the comics that I am the most proud of.  If I really had to pick one though, I'd say the Superheroes one is still my favourite.

Q:  How long does it take you to draw one comic?
A:  For a simple comic, about an hour.  For a detailed or complicated one, it would take 3 hours.  If there is colour involved, it could take even longer!
This doesn't include thinking of the story or dialogue though.  Some comics are really hard to plot.  I often have an idea, but don't really know how to execute it, so sometimes it doesn't end up the way I want it to...

Q:  The bunnies look different sometimes, why is that?
A:  All comics are hand drawn with pen and paper, so sometimes it's hard to control how the bunnies look.  It also depends on the day - you can probably tell when I'm running out of time and the artwork appears rushed.  I do try my best to keep it consistent, but apologies for when things start to look a little weird. ^^;

Q:  Will you ever go digital?
A:  Still thinking about that, but leaning towards no.  These days I really don't have enough time as it is already, so practicing to go digital is not something I can afford to do at this point in time.  Pen and paper is still quicker and easier!

Q:  Have you ever thought about giving up mtbunnies?
A:  To be honest, yes.  When life outside of mtbunnies gets too out of hand, or on days where I just feel that there is no point to continue anymore, I do want to give up.
But even so, there's a little part of me that still wants to keep this going, and that was probably enough to keep it alive.
I know for a fact that there aren't many mtbunnies followers. But from the start it was never about the number of likes I would gain or if I could ever make a living out of it.
It was the fact that there was something I was capable of doing, something that I could share with everyone, and something that gave me a story to tell. :)


If you have anything else you'd like to ask, please feel free to leave more questions in the comments section below!


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