Wednesday 31 May 2017

Dating Advice: for Social Anxiety (Part 3 - End)

I don't believe in cures for social anxiety - it will never go away completely. But I do believe in ways to help yourself feel better and feel less anxious in certain situations. It's a really long learning process though and you need to have fairly patient friends too.

On another note, the problem with dating apps is it feels like you're forcing yourself to go out and date people.  You're meeting people with an agenda and purpose.  I think some of that contributes to the anxiety a bit, because while you're judging others, they'll also be judging you.  Call me old school, but I feel relationships should be built more naturally; not for a specific purpose, but because you genuinely want to be with that person.

Sorry readers, this series wasn't real dating advice obviously! 😜


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