Wednesday 1 October 2014

What NOT to do with your iPhone 6 Plus

So, there was much fuss in the past week about the iPhone 6 Plus that bends in your pockets. I was still in some disbelief as to how serious it was...until I watched some videos on YouTube, and indeed - you could literally just bend the phone with your fingers.

From those videos I watched, there was also one where they tried to bend it back to its original state...and, as per the comic above, the screen cracked. Ouch.

For those who own iPhone 6 Pluses, better to not attempt to do this!

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P.S. I received feedback that a number of people didn't quite understand the Levels of Listening comic last week, so here's the supporting explanation:

Level 1 listening is when you're not really listening at all. You're lost in your own thoughts. This is the most common form of listening.

Level 2 is when you're listening but you're not really soaking up the information or feel any emotional attachment.

Level 3 is when you are listening and can show empathy at the same time, making the other person feel that they are really being listened to.

Level 4 is newly invented by are listening, but to other people's conversations and not necessarily your own. Those who are most skilled at this level are able to listen to 2 conversations at the same time! (Also known as eavesdropping.)

The really good managers are able to switch easily between levels 1-3, which means they are masters of active listening.


  1. I just got a Note 4 Xmas which I love more than life itself! How about an iOS vs Android comic please? :)

  2. Ooo I'm still using the Note 3. I was thinking about doing an iOS vs Android comic, but I noticed there are HEAPS of these all over the internet. Maybe when I can think of some new content I'll make one just to add a little more wood to the fire. ;)


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